Sunday, October 15, 2017

And The Construction Continues

Uni-fix Cube Measuring
This week, the children were introduced to measuring by using uni-fix cubes. They took various items and used the uni-fix cubes to measure the height or width of an object. Many of them documented their measuring on paper and practiced their number writing.  


 Fire Safety with the Kirkwood Fire Department
Thank you to the Kirkwood Fire Department for taking time to come and teach us about fire safety. We were able to get a tour of the fire truck and all the items that it carries to a fire.

Next we went inside to learn about smoke detectors, family meeting spots outside of your homes, STOP, DROP & ROLL, and when to call 911.

Then we went back outside to watch Mrs. Larson get dressed up in the Fireman's suit. The Fireman explained that if you should see someone dressed like this in your home, that you need not be afraid, but follow them. They are in your house to get you to safety. 


While some of our friends were working on their building projects, others were practicing their names and hunting in the letter pile for the letters in their name.

Building, Building, Building!
The next group of friends started working on their projects.




I love watching them use their skills to build. They are using trail and error, to explore how they can build bigger and more complex structures.  

Some of our friends leading us in some pre-chapel songs.

Chapel with Pastor Meggers learning about TRUST! 
 Our classmate was a chapel helper showing how much she trusted Pastor Meggers to lead her around the floor so she wouldn't run into any of the children. We learned that we need to put our trust in Jesus even though we can't see him. 

 Magic House Visit

 Making patterns




Story Time with Mrs. Mickie
We love Mrs. Mickie day! It is such a blessing to be able to have Kirkwood Library visit once a month. She brings in engaging stories and catchy songs and loves to see the little ones when your families visit the Kirkwood Library. 


Finishing touches on our buildings.

A little Lego building

Building observation right outside our classroom.

 The next phase of our building project is PAINTING!



Two Cats for Cat Party Day!

Blessings on your week!

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