Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Fun!

Project Building Wrap-Up
The class finished their building projects by painting them and getting them ready to display. Each of their projects are being displayed outside our classroom in the hallway.

Sensory Bin Fun
Working on their fine motor skills using the tweezers, the students searched in the noodle bins for hidden pumpkins, cats and bats.

Chapel with Mrs. Audrey learning about helping others, through the story of the Good Samaritan. 

New Lego!
We got some new Lego for our class to build, but it needed a little cleaning first. Using some tooth brushes, the class had fun cleaning all the different parts. This is a great fine motor activity that can also be done at home. 

Graphing Like the Big Kids
With a bowl of uni-fix cubes, a graphing chart, and some crayons, the class went to town seeing how many uni-fix cubes were in each bowl. They not only were working on their fine more skills with by pushing the uni-fix cubes together, but they were working on their number recognition and one-to-one counting of the cubes. Some were guessing to see how many cubes they had while others were trying to find matching sets of cubes.

After the paint was dry, it was time to get a picture of the architects with their creations.

Finishing up their graphing!

A Visit to Mr. Heiber our Middle School Science Teacher
We ventured up to the Middle School to visit Mr. Heiber, because one of our friends found a really cool rock on the playground and we wonder what it was. He told us all about the volcano rock that was found.

Earthquake Practice! 
Our class did an awesome job practicing during the all-school earthquake drill. They left their snack on the table and dove under the tables.

Friends helping each other after they return from a trip!


Writing Center 

Creation Station
The class tried out Creation Station for the first time and proved that they could do. Creation Station is a center time activity that will start to be open everyday. The class has access to various items such as stickers, ribbon, buttons, pip cleaners, Popsicle sticks, various types of papers, pretty much any items that you can create with. They did a really good job of working together, sharing and exchanging ideas for their creations. 

Checking out the newly cleaned Lego!

Each week our class is going to be working on a new building challenge. Here this team is working on building a rocket ship. 

They even made a blueprint

This weeks challenge is building a pet home. 

 A kitty house

Prepping for our Trip To Manor Grove
Each child in our class made their own Trick or Treat bag to take with us to Manor Grove. The each made such unique and fun treat bags.

100 Piece Puzzles!
Yes, they are ready to be challenged!

Trick or Treat Days To Manor Grove!

Day 2 of Trick or Treating to Manor Grove 

We met the neatest lady, her 97-year old mother was one of the residents handing out candy to us. Many of the mother's other children were there to help pass out candy also.

Another one of the daughters.

After lunch one afternoon, we were unable to go outside due to rain. So we turned on different songs and drew pictures of what the songs were saying.

The Monster Mash!
One Eyed, One Horn, Flying Purple People Eater

Chapel with Miss Julianna Shults, learning about being patient with God's help.

Future NBA and WNBA Stars

Team Work Building!

 Fall Fun Journals

Pippi Longstocking Hair Has Hit the Class!

Blessings On Your Week!

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