Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall Fun

Fruit Stand Game
During Jesus time we finished learning about Adam, Eve and God's Creation. As we did, it felt right to take turns playing the Fruit Stand Game.
Many table games/activities we do during center time foster skill-learning development. The activities teach skills without the children knowing they are learning and enriching those skills. 
Skill Development:
Fine Motor- Tweezers guide proper finger placement to practice pincer grasp and engage hand muscle strength needed for daily living activities like brushing teeth or using a pencil. 

Fine Motor- Eye-hand coordination and depth perception are engaged while precision and control are promoted to pluck or place fruits on the stand. 

Social & Behavioral- Encourages pretend play opportunities with peers through turn taking, patience and cooperative play. 

Basic Concepts- Reinforces vocabulary, color recognition and identification, counting practice and organization. Hands-on play helps build a concrete foundation of skills through exploration, imagination, and fun.
(Learning Resources, 2017)

We love books! 
The more books are read to children, the more they are eager to read on their own. 

The class loves reading to each other.

 God Created Us!
God's most incredible creation is us. Through various shapes and sizes, the class each created a shape person of themselves. They are hanging up inside our classroom.

Hurricane Harvey Helping Hands Service Project
Our Thrivent Action Team Project Box arrived! 
The class was so excited to see all that came in our box, especially their t-shirts!

The Special T-Shirts!

 Our classroom banner!

Class Picture #1

Decorating the boxes to send.


We needed one more box!

Class Picture #2

Jesus Calms the Storm was voted as one of our class's favorite stories. This copy of the book was signed by each classmate and sent to Mrs. Elizabeth Bertrand's class at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Houston, Texas.

Final packing of the boxes!

Running boxes to Mr. Barry to take to recycling!

Packing Beanie Baby Lovies, as extra stuffing.

Packed and ready to head to the Post Office

Hanging out at the Post Office, ready to go to Houston!

Our class sent:

25 Jesus Story Big Books
Over 200 Story Books and  Jesus Books
20 Packbacks filled with pencils, crayons, a small Beanie Baby, hand sanitzers, a set of 8 Jesus Story Books, stickers
A box filled with Seeds of Happiness to share with those in Houston. 
Packs of Stickers
A teachers bag filled with school supplies
Gift Cards
And Letters from our class!

Thank you all of you that helped with our Service Project! We can't wait to hear from Houston! 

Chapel with Pastor Scott Seidler
We learned about God knowing each of us by name and how each one of us is special to God.

Marble Painting
Using coffee cans, paint and marbles we marble painted paper bricks for CCLS Sunday at Webster Gardens. They will be part of a large brink wall hung with bricks from all of the preschool kids at CCLS. 



There has been a lot of talk of building lately as we move into learning about Noah building the Ark. 

A Little Journal Writing

 Writing Center 

Hot Day! Birthday Popsicle Celebration

Our Helping Hands Continues......
Our class has been praying for police officers and emergency workers the last few weeks. This week we made posters to send to the local police stations to thank them for keeping our families and our community safe. 

September Journals
Each month the children do a writing/drawing journal for their portfolios. These journals show their progression throughout the school year.

Photo Journal
Students also create a photo journal where they cut out their monthly photo along with writing the letters of the month. This project works on their letter recognition, hand writing skills and their fine motor skill of cutting. 


 Afternoon Cup Building

Piggie Patterns
During morning center time the children were able to explore patterns with the piggies. They were able to make their own patterns or follow the ones on the piggie cards.

Chapel with Mr. Zech Teasdale
During chapel we learned about the mighty power of God. God protects us through storms and trouble. Mr. Zech used the story of the 3 Little Pigs to compare God's power and strength. 

Exploring with the Letter Builders
What letters can you build?

Future City Planners

Mrs. Angela needed some good painters, and our class could fill the request. They helped her paint the door for our castle for CCLS Sunday at Webster. 

God's Promise to Us
God made a covenant, a promise to us that he would never flood the earth again. That promise was symbolized by a rainbow in the sky. Every time we see a rainbow in the sky we are reminded that God keeps His promises to us.  Using sticky paper and tissue paper they were able to create their own rainbows.

CCLS Carnival Set Up!
The excitement was felt for three days straight! Watching the CCLS Carnival set up process was pure joy! The giggles, laughs, Carnival planning was what was on their minds all day. 
We went outside to do some journal observations and documented the changes that were happening in our green space. 

Cat Party Friday! 
They love exercising and Go Noodle!

Blessings on your week!

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