Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring? Winter? Spring?

God has given us little hints of spring. According to some in our class, since we had Spring Break, it should be SPRING! Even if it is not Spring weather outside, we are learning about it inside.

During spring comes one of our most important holidays in the life of a Christian. That is Easter, the time we remember all that Christ has done for us. He sacrificed His life on the cross for all of us, so that our sins are forgiven. And, we receive the promise of living in heaven with Him.
As we learned about Holy Week, we also learned about the new life Jesus gives us.  He also gives us new life each Spring through his earthly creations.

Hatching Chicks
Baby chicks and ducks are a beautiful example of God giving us new life each spring. Each children created their own baby chicken or duck hatching out of eggs. They are hung up in the hallway.

Easter Egg Decorating Center
Working on their cutting skills and their creative ideas, we have lots of Easter Eggs hanging all around the room.

Building Center
Each week our building contractors continue to blow me away with their designs and ideas. Their  confidence, patience, problem solving, cooperation, reasoning and spatial awareness are continuing to be enriched with each new building.

Tissue Paper Crosses
Using water and tissue paper, the class made beautiful crosses as a witness project to share with others in the windows of the hallway. They were very excited that those coming into church would see their crosses and know that Jesus died for them.

Word Wall
Each month we change or add words to our word wall in the writing center.
The students love using the word wall to help spell words that they would like to know. It helps with their letter recognition and letter formation. 

Easter Egg Delivery Obstacle Course
Mrs. Metcalf set up an Easter egg obstacle course where the children were to go through the different challenges to deliver the eggs to the matching bucket.

Egg Printing
Using plastic Easter eggs we were able to create beautiful master pieces of spring color. Our prints are hanging up in the hallway.


Drawing Easter crosses in the writing center

Cup Building

March Photo Journals
The month of March was filled with rain, so for our photo journals we took pictures with umbrellas out in the rain. The pictures turned out fabulous and the class had so much fun. There are a few who took their pictures on the one Sunny day we had. 

Morning Journals
Each day their drawing skills are improved as they draw out their ideas from the question prompt of the the day. They are able to think outside of the box and attempt to draw something that they don't always feel comfortable in drawing. They are also working on their letter formation as they sign-in with their name and write the word or words that go with their journal.

Large Motion Drawing

Writing Center, making lists of all their friends.

Kinetic sand, strengthening their fine motor skills.

"Hey, pick up your phone, I am trying to call you!"

"I have an idea!"

Mosaic Eggs
Strengthening their cutting skills and gluing skills by creating mosaic eggs.

Cementing long lasting friendships by learning with and from each other.
Reading stories together

Brainstorming ideas


Gym Time
Playing a little hockey in the gym.

Letter Matching
Matching lower case letters to their upper case letter.

March Drawing/Writing Journals
What are you looking forward to doing in the spring?

Basketball Time

Hatching Eggs
Using water colors they painted and designed their egg to hold their baby chicks.

Chapel with Pastor Scott
We learned about how God loves and forgives us even if we don't always do the right thing. And that we have strength in God's love.

Enjoying a sunny day!

March Madness
Our class filled out their CCLS March Madness NCAA basketball bracket. 

After the first day of games they were in 1st Place. And the second day they were again 1st place. Let's just say after that their bracket went down hill. They were cheering for Butler the whole way, until they met Mizzou, but that didn't happen. 

Magna-Tiles on the Whiteboard
You are able to make beautiful art and explore at the same time.

Lego Building

Building, Building, Building

Animals wearing hats.

Giggles and Silliness in the Gym

Rowing in their boats.

We have such good helpers during clean up.

Fruit Loop Patterns

Trying something new, making our own envelopes.

Egg Stacking And Measurement

Egg Patterns


Palm Sunday
We celebrated the beginning of Holy Week by waving of palm branches and having a parade recreating Palm Sunday the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

iPad Enrichment
We were able to spend a little quiet time and teamwork with Tiggly on the iPads. Reinforcing letters, sounds, numbers, shapes and beginning adding and subtracting skills.

Chapel with Mrs. Angela
Green was our color for chapel this week. Green represents GROW. That we need many things to grow such as, food, water, sleep and the word of God.

Egg Ramps


Afternoon Adventures
They always like to take pictures of their creations. So on this day, I gave them my phone to take pictures. I must say they did a pretty good job.

Pretty good at selfies

Jellybean Taste-Testing
The students taste-tested and voted for their favorite flavors. The twist was that we used Starburst CrazyBeans for our challenge. The CrazyBeans were a mix of two or more flavors.

The WINNER was Razzin Watermelon with 8 votes.

Chapel with Mrs. Metcalf
Continuing to learn about how we GROW from and with GOD.

Morning smiles!

Sorting Caps
Using their math skills, the students sort and separate the caps into colored buckets.

Preschool Smiles

We have such good helpers and they are building up self-help skills. 

No sure of a caption for this one. It sure looks like an egg to me.

Blessings on your week!

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Spring? Winter? Spring?

God has given us little hints of spring. According to some in our class, since we had Spring Break, it should be SPRING! Even if it is not ...