Sunday, October 15, 2017

Building! Building Building!

Construction Time
During Jesus time we have been learning about Noah's Ark. Noah was a godly man who followed all which God told him to do. Evil was all around and God decided to destroy the world and rebuild again. Yet God kept Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives safe, along with two of every animal. God told know how to build the large Ark.

 Our class took to the idea of building things. So we started with the basic plan, a blue print. We talked about how everything we have was built with a layout, blue print or plan. First they each made a blue print of what they wanted to build.

The next day our project was put on hold as we headed across the street for our first trip to the Magic House. 

Our book for this visit was Walter's Wonderful Web, the story of a spider trying to build a strong web. After trying out a square web, they went on to try different shapes such as a rectangle, triangle, diamond, and circle. In the end, he realized they would have to use many different shapes to make a strong beautiful web. 
After our story with Mrs. Linda, the class was able to explore the different activities that were set up for us. 

Pattern Blocks

Building Blocks

Shape Design

Finding the shadows matches

Making patterns with shape rings

Shape builders

Matching the dinosaurs with their skeletons.

Next, we were able to head into Wonder Works to explore the many S.T.E.A.M. activities.
They always need to check out the mouse house.  

Surprises and giggles around every corner.

Climbing up the climbing wall.

Coloring a fish to scan in for the fish wall.



Finding the hidden treasures in the fish tank.




 Our stop was to the Water Room.



The next day we are back to building!


Chapel with Mr. Jim learning about "JOY"! What brings you JOY? Mr. Jim brought in a few examples of what brings him JOY! He also brought his guitar along for some music.


 Bike Riding

 Family and JESUS!

JESUS brings us the greatest JOY!

Building a Zoo! 

Such teamwork! 

We had a playground visitor.

Along with our butterfly whisperer.

The first step of our project was to do a trail run by doing some trail building. Exploring the different shapes and how they could put them together. 

While building was going on, the writing center was also going strong.

Our class was given a challenge: build a deck box for our playground.
First Step: Get it out of the box.

Next:find all the pieces.

Teamwork helps put the box together quicker. After they got the sides together, next came time to use the tools. They were so excited about this part. 

Putting the deck box together was just the kick off for our building day!
Let the building and gluing begin!

Cat Party Friday!

Thank you for all the donations for CCLS-U. 

The afternoon friends sorted and counted out all health items that were brought in.

Blessings on your week!

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