Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Fun Part Two!

Polar Animals
Our class has been spending time learning about polar animal and where they live. Finding answers to questions such as, do they live at the North Pole or the South Pole? How do they adapt to life in the cold? What do they eat? 

Writing Center Fun

S.T.E.M. Building Project
Using their engineering skills, marshmallows and tooth picks, they built some very creative buildings.




This year's class is really into building. They build with any material at any time. The class just loves to build. I am proud of their team work, effort and skills they are building.

Lower Case Letters
Since Christmas we have really been working on our lower case letter writing and letter recognition. Getting our skills ready for kindergarten!

Studens practice letters and drawing skills on the white board. This works on spatial awareness, crossing the mid-line, bilateral coordination, and hand-eye coordination. 

More S.T.E.M. building.

Chapel with Pastor Mark,
Learning about how Jesus is the light in our dark world.

Magic House Trip to the Village
Our class loves the village, learning all about the different jobs, and occupations. They are also learning about all the different areas that are needed to make a village run well. You can't have a town without the power company, a bank or even a market. 

We are so thankful to all the parents, grandparents and others family members that have been able to travel across the street with us. Thank you for your time!


Learning about towns from Ms. Bridget

After our trip to the Magic House Village we came back to our classroom and divided into teams. Each team developed a name for their city, and created their own city layout in the form of a map. It was fun to watch the teams work together and come up with ideas for their layouts. Ideas such as where to put certain stores, offices and the airport. All the city layouts are hanging up in the classroom.


Sometimes we just need some run around time in the gym!

 Winter Shapes Patterns

Alphabet Stampers
Students make their own words and names.

Finishing up photo journals for their portfolios

Winter Service Project
For our winter service project, our class joined with the 2's and 3's on our campus along with the Webster preschool campus to collect items to send to the troops. We have 3 active duty service men that are part of our CCLS family to whom we are sending packages.

Students wrote letters to the troops for care packages.

Decorating the boxes to send to the troops

Sorting all the different items

Filling up the boxes

We prayed over all the boxes as class. We asked God to protect and bless those who are caring and protecting us.

Afternoon UNO games! Always filled with laughter and silliness.

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