Monday, March 12, 2018

Valentine's Day and Hibernation

Winter weather is always changing! Some days you just have to improvise with your large motor activities. Here the afternoon friends are building with the large foam tiles. 

Working on their writing skills, the class created Valentine's for their parents.

Magic House Fun! 
We love our partnership with the Magic House. Often stories are shared with us about how well behaved our children are, that they have such good manners and take turns. I am so proud of our class that they are such awesome CCLS representatives outside of the school building.

Checking out the Mouse House

They love the fish room. Students use their creative skills to design fish and scan them so they project up on the wall.

Future Scientists 

"I am dancing like a shrimp!"


The Water Room

Story and Center Time

Looking at shapes in the the concrete 

Chapel with Mrs. Metcalf learning about God's love.

Making Valentines for their friends and family

Showing off their creative side while doing some water color painting

Using their fine motor skills for making tissue paper hearts.

Finishing up their parent Valentine cards by gluing on their puzzle pieces

Engineering teamwork, designing their Lego building

We love our visits from Mrs. Rachel from the Kirkwood Library. They always bring such fun books and silly songs. 

With the Olympics happening, we thought we would break out a little hockey. Working on their hand-eye coordination to hit the ball. 

Writing Center

Decorating their mailbags for their Valentines

Hibernation Time
The class has been waiting all year for this day, PAJAMA day! And to top it off we get three days of pajamas/hibernation. They loved coming to school in their favorite pjs!

Magna-Tile Fun

Journal Time

Ash Wednesday
Pastor Meggers came in for a short devotion on Ash Wednesday with our class. The class was able to get ashes on their forehead or on their hand in remembrance of  Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins to defeat the power of death. 

Our class has such loving hearts! They are always making mail for one another.

Time to deliver the mail. The class was so excited to deliver their Valentines to their friends. They each took their time and were very careful handing out their mail.

In between delivering mail and morning centers, a few girls set up their own hair saloon. 


Just to add craziness to our day, during lunch the power went out. The kiddos were flexible and came up with some ideas that didn't require power. Beading necklaces!

Coloring in the hallway!

The big excitement was using the flashlight while in the bathroom, it could get pretty dark in there.

Day Two of Hibernation!

Chapel with Pastor Will learning about the special cup that Jesus used for the Last Supper.

Pajama Snuggles

Doing math like the big kids!
Graphing candy? Students worked on their sorting, and counting skills along with math words, greatest, most, least, smallest and equal.
 The class was so excited they could take their candy box home. 

Taking a class picture is some what of a challenge.

Unless it is the silly picture time.

Matching jammies for hibernation day 3!

Exploring with Kinetic Sand

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