Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Fun!

STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Projects
Using their math and engineering skills, students came up with some pretty exciting pumpkin buildings. The class also worked up their finger muscles by pushing together the toothpicks with the candy corn and pumpkins.

Morning Center Time: Create a Pumpkin Face

Making cards for their friends at Creation Station

Learning all about the Luther Rose. They discovered it is a lot like our Witness Model.

Candy Corn Counting

Roll A Turkey
Count the spots on the dice and then draw the matching part.

Turkey Crafting
Using their imaginations and their new knowledge of turkeys, the class created their own turkeys. Some are small, some are tall, some have lots of feathers, some only have a few. They are hanging out in the hallway.

Finishing up their Halloween photo journal.

Lots of Building Going On!
Building has been the big excitement the last few weeks. Students are testing their building skills to make their buildings bigger and better. And, the students have learned through trial and error. The class is learning from their mistakes and working together as a team. 

Making popcorn for snack! 

Checking out the big kids working on their art!

Writing Center Time
"Mrs. Beth we need watches to tell us what time it is!"

A Visit form the Kirkwood Library with Ms. Kathy

What Are You Thankful For?
Digging through magazines we found 10 things that each of us are thankful for. It was quick and easy for some of them, because they are thankful for everything. Others took a little more time to find just the right items they are thankful for. Their thankful posters are hanging up in the hall.

Dots! Dots! Dots! 
Using the bingo dots to create beautiful colors.

Working on their November Journal: My Family, drawing each member of their families.

Thanksgiving Turkey Place Mats
Using their hands and feet the children crafted their own Thanksgiving place mats to use for Thanksgiving dinner. 

First they worked on their letter recognition and handwriting skills by writing the words Happy Thanksgiving!

Next they used their hands to make all the feathers for their turkeys. The sense of TOUCH was used as they squished the paint through their fingers, feeling the coldness and slipperiness of the texture of the paint. 


Lastly their foot was traced to make the body of their turkeys. 

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic sand has many benefits such as fine motor development, sensory development, development of pre-writing skills, creative play and language development.


Building! Building! Building! 
The blue prints buildings are becoming more elaborate each day. They are trying more difficult ways to build, challenging themselves and each other. The teamwork is evident each day. 

Watercolor Painting
Challenging our creative side.

Thanksgiving Words
Letter recognition and letter sounds are being enriched as they used the word books to spell out Thanksgiving words.


Roll A Turkey
Roll A Turkey helps with number recognition, counting and drawing skills. It was fun to see how each of their turkeys turned out different and unique.   

Chapel with Pastor King

Puzzle Time

What Makes Up A Letter?
Lines, Curves, Slants!
Working in small groups the class sorted out the letters of the alphabet into different sets.

I Am Thankful For......
The whole month of November we have focused on for what we are Thankful. Each day in their morning journals they wrote and drew pictures of things which make them thankful. 


Then they worked on their letters by typing in their word or words for which are thankful.

God has surely blessed each one of us. The bigger the word the more times it was entered into the computer, as you can see family, God, CCLS, and flowers were the top blessings.

Creation Station 
Using the creative minds that God has given them, along with type, markers, and paper, they came up with some pretty exciting works of art. 

 Thank to all the families that participated in Operation Christmas Child!

 Gym Time

If You Were In Charge of Thanksgiving.....What would you choose? 
It was so much fun to see all the meals that were planned by the children. Some chose desserts, others lots of meat, and then some had a little of everything.   

Chapel with Pastor Jonas
He told us about Samuel and how he listened to God when he called. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
We celebrated our own Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with popcorn, buttered toast, pretzels and jellybeans.

One last thing for Thanksgiving!

A Little Turkey Dancing

Blessings On Your Week!

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