Sunday, January 21, 2018

Winter Fun!

Winter is in the air! The past few weeks we explored all types of weather here in St. Louis. In our class we have been embracing the cold weather, and the little ice and snow we have had.  The class loved decorating for Christmas time, so when we came back after break, they wanted to decorate with snowflakes. They were so excited about all the different snowflakes they created with coffee filters and scissors. It is so awesome that such a simple activity can produce such JOY! 

Our class worked on their painting skills by painting a snowman head with a silly face. Their paintings are hanging out in the hallway.

January Journal:What My Gift To Baby Jesus Would Be.......

Building! Building! Building!
Here are just a few of the benefits that children are gaining from block play.
By: Anne Marie Margaritondo
Science Concepts: Children learn science when they experience gravity as their constructions fall. They also learn the use of simple machines as they build ramps to their buildings.
Spatial Reasoning: Young designers learn to manipulate space and objects through block play.  Will this fit here?  Will this fall down?  Will this make the shape I want?  Block play allows children to explore navigation of space and direction.
Math Concepts: Some of the math skills encountered through block play include counting, comparison of length and width, names of shapes and how to combine certain geometric shapes to make other shapes.  Children are even learning the basics of addition when they discover that two short blocks will be the same size as another block.
Reading and Writing Skills: Through block play, children understand the importance of sequence, an important early reading skill, as they retell their experiences with the blocks.  Both parents and teachers can help children write stories about what they are building.
Language Skills: Little builders learn language skills and vocabulary as they discuss what they are building.
Cooperation and Responsibility: Children learn cooperation and sharing as they work together with family members or other children during their play. In addition, they learn how to be responsible when they clean up after they are done with the blocks.

Blocks, Lego, Little People and various other items are always available for the class to use. Some creations that they build, stay at school, while others come home. I encourage your family to take time to build at home. You can use almost anything! Think out side of the box and BUILD!

Freezing Bubbles
We have been doing this for years with regular bubbles in a bottle. With all the wind it was kind of hard to form the bubbles. So we upgraded this year to a Bubble Gun! Totally worth it. It was able to make bunches of bubbles. It was so much fun to watch the bubbles shatter!


Finishing up their snowman heads.

How Many Snowballs Tall Are You?
Class: "Math? We did math?"
With the help of snowballs, they worked on their measuring, 1 to 1 counting and numbers to make a life size snowman. They first measured themselves with the help of a partner and then they matched the snowballs to their measuring tape.


Next they glued the snowballs to the their measuring tape.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
One of our morning centers was to work on their cutting by making a snowman. They had no instructions and created on their own. They came up with some really fun snowman. They are hanging up in our classroom.

Some more creative building!  
I see some future city planners coming from this bunch.

Continuing to work on our measuring with snowballs!

Magic House Village
Our class was so excited when they found out our Magic House trip was to the Magic House Village. They were in charge of the town!

Sometimes projects last all week! The students are learning to take their time.
After they finished gluing their snowballs on, they were able to decorate their snowman giving him a face and lots of buttons!

Writing Center Talk

Morning Journals
There are always funny conversations during morning journal time.

At chapel with Pastor Meggers, we learned how it is really ok to have a bad day. God is with us even on those bad days. 

They love puzzles!

Dance TIME!

Kirkwood Library Time with Ms. Rachel

Making snow angels inside.

Finishing up our snowmen!


 Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!

Using their STEM knowledge students worked on their fine motor skills by building towers and structures. They also worked in letter formation by spelling their names with the sugar cubes or other letters in their friends' names.

Using blue prints for their Lego.


The class continues to add snowflakes to the hallway. They wanted me to take pictures to show all the moms and dads.

The snowball snowmen are almost all finished!

Exploring on the light table.

Snowflakes in the gym.

Chapel with Mr. Zech. Learning about self-control.

Can you sit with a candy in front of you all chapel without touching it? It takes a lot of self-control.

 What happens when people make you angry? Can you use your self control and not blow up?

Freezing Water
How long does it take to freeze water when it is cold outside? 
When the wind chill was below zero, this dish only took about 30 minutes.

Working on our lower case letter writing and letter recognition. 

Team sugar cube building. 

Fine motor and pattern making all in one

Our future teachers

Which freezes faster? Cold or Warm water? 

Off to work!

Making mail for each other.

Clay snowmen

Using our imaginations never gets old.
Our friend made her own cell phone and is calling me to tell me about her day.

Still building! 

Coloring one of the boxes that we will be sending to our troops.

National Popcorn Day
Learning about how popcorn is made.

Waiting is so hard.

After eating popcorn for snack they wanted to make popcorn art. So we popped another big bowl of popcorn for popcorn art.

FINALLY! We were given a warmer dry day to play outside. The playground was muddy so we played in the open lot. Exploring the trees, playing tag and running, was much needed while enjoying outside time.

Our new CCLS statue.

Blessings On Your Week!

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