Sunday, September 10, 2017

 Morning Journals
This week we started something new, morning journals. Each day upon arrival, each student will find their journal and add a journal entry. For the first couple weeks, the children will have free choice as to what they draw/write in their journals. Then we will move to having a journal "prompt" such as your favorite food, design your favorite toy or draw a picture about teamwork. Journal work helps children enrich their drawing skills and encourages writing as it develops. Along with the daily journal entry, students sign-in, working on their name writing and handwriting skills. Next, using their observation skills, they fill in a small box about the weather. We will use a date stamper to add the date, but over time they will be working on their number recognition and number formation by writing the date.

Writing Center
The Writing Center is always open! The class loves to draw, create and practice their writing skills.

Alphabet Matching
We took some time this week to check out our letter recognition skills. After picking out letters from the letter tray, students matched the letter bead to the letter on the alphabet chart. It was fun to watch their little minds work. Some focused on the challenge and did it without talking.  Others made it a game, and some tried to trick me by saying they couldn't find a certain letter while hiding it in their hand.  It was fun to spend small group time with the class, getting to know them more and more each day!


Uni-Fix Cubes
Patterns were the talk on this day as students came up with many different AB patterns.

Roll A Shape Game
Mrs. Allyson held small group time while playing the Roll A Shape Game. Students took turns rolling the dice and finding the matching shape on their papers and then coloring it in. We worked on learning the basic shapes of triangle, circle, square, rectangle, rhombus and hexagon. 


Many of them wanted to play each day this week.

On Wednesday we had our first chapel of the school year. Mrs. Larson led chapel as we learned about the different things located in the church such as the piano, the organ, the cross and the baptismal font. 

Hurricane Harvey Helping Hands
We started work on our service project of collecting items, getting boxes ready and SHOPPING! 

Making signs for our boxes

We picked books out of the Scholastic Book Order. There were so many choices. They loved finding their favorites to order and share with others.

They also found their favorite stories in the Bible, so that we would order books from Concordia Publishing House.

 We started making postcards and mail. We will continue making mail to send to Houston this week.

A special BIG THANK YOU to the Fenton Police Department and the Fenton JC Pennys for their donation of two large backpacks that we will fill to send to Houston. 
Checking out and inspecting all the different backpacks.

 Teamwork At Its Best!
Funny what a box of Uni-fix cubes and a bunch of really good ideas can put together.
A small group of friends started out making long sticks from the Uni-fix cubes and then combining them into a longer chain. They then moved the chairs around the room to make their road even longer. 

Soon more friends joined in, moving chairs and adjusting them so that the Uni-fix road would not fall.

Ideas are shared about how to make the road not fall and how to join the pieces together. 

 It was a pretty exciting teamwork and STEM learning experience. I was so impressed with how they listened to each other, worked as a team and felt good about their accomplishment. These are all "big kid" social skills they are developing.

More fun throughout the week!
"I made an O!"

Making stars for our creation mural.

Puzzle Time

Lego Town  

 Solving puzzles with teamwork.

 Kitchen Time

Such concentration!

Caught only two pictures from Family Fellowship Night!

Playing school at school! 

Broken Bones Buddy Bench! 

Blessings on your week!

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